Christmas Time~~

I was supposed to follow-up on my previous post and write more about the cultures and why I love China, but then when I was at work today I ended up reading ‘s blog about Christmas, and that really got me realizing it really is almost Christmas!
This year I’m finally celebrating Christmas in Norway, last time I celebrated in Norway was in 2010.. There’s nothing like celebrating Christmas in your home country. Since we (my family) moved to China we have celebrated Christmas in Norway once or twice, I don’t really remember. Last year my family went back to Norway for Christmas while I was in Beijing because I had exams during Christmas and new years, so I had no time to go back. It was weird, not celebrating with my family, I think that in Norway, Christmas is the one time that the whole family gets together and actually sit down and eat dinner and just talk.. haha. It’s definitely not like in China where having family gatherings is like a weekly thing 😛 Although they don’t celebrate Christmas in China, some people celebrate, but that’s mainly because they are or want to be(?) more like western people, I think it’s quite cute! They always put up a lot of decorations and it really gives you a Christmas feeling, they’ve got Christmas trees outside the shopping malls, and just a lot of Christmas decorations.. They just don’t celebrate it! haha.
This is not my house.. This is a small area close to my house 🙂 but at least you get a Christmas feeling from it~

Anyways, Christmas in Norway is amazing! I love it, all the snow, the traditions, the gifts, just everything!
This year will be very different for me, as I might be working on Christmas, only until 12 pm though, but still, that’s a little weird, but I guess that’s what you get when you work in a kindergarten, where not all the kids celebrate Christmas..
But what’s going to be even more different/better – My 老公 will be here! Of course my family will also be here, but it is the first time my 老公 will celebrate Christmas, and I really want to make it a perfect Christmas for him, so he can experience more of the traditions that I’m used to!.
So, on the 24th which is when we celebrate in Norway we do lots of things.. Normally kids wake up pretty early and  “santa” / our parents have prepared stockings for us with some small gifts / candy in it, and then you just go to watch tv and eat your candy, they always show  these really nice Christmas movies in the morning. For lunch we normally eat a rice porridge, it’s super sweet and yummy, and we normally put an almond in to the porridge while its cooking and the person who gets it in their bowl gets an award.. You want to guess what ? .. More candy / chocolate.. haha. By the time we finish eating the porridge, it is time to get ready and make yourself pretty.. haha, which I’m sure you guys already are! But we start the Christmas dinner pretty early, normally around 5 pm.. During Christmas dinner people eat different things, depending on the family traditions, but in my family we eat turkey 😀 yummyyyy.
Then it’s time for desert which is… rice porridge, but it’s cold, and much sweeter and we add this raspberry sauce to it, and it is absolutely amazing, we do the same thing with the almond with the desert also, and of course the award is .. chocolate.
Don’t kill me for posting this! ~~~~ 😀 One of the times I actually bother getting all dressed up.. haha

Then it’s time for my favorite.. The gifts! haha no, I’m just joking, it used to be my favorite, but now I really enjoy the Christmas dinner, its way nicer, opening the presents is just too stressful with so many people having to open presents, as we celebrate with grandparents also..  And of course we also eat a lot of cakes..No wonder why people gain a lot of weight during Christmas..>.< haha
I think this Christmas will be perfect, I will make it perfect, so my 老公 will celebrate in the best way, and just have a good time, because he really deserves that after this semester at Uni.. December 24th – come faster!!!  12月24号可以快点到来么?!

I can’t waiiiiiit! 😀
Are your traditions anything like Norway’s traditions?!



5 thoughts on “Christmas Time~~

  1. I didn’t know Norway is so similar to Poland when it goes to Christmas traditions, or at least your house is like mine, haha 🙂
    PS I have some problems with your blog – it doesn’t pop out in the ‘following’ 😦

    1. Haha, I guess Northern and Eastern Europe is a little similar ? Or at least in some ways 😛 I dont know much about Polish culture, but I got a tiiiny feeling that our cultures are kind of similar 😛 correct me if im wrong! haha

  2. tony never had a christmas before? Kai was exactly the same, even though he was in the UK since 3/4 years old, his first christmas was in 2007 when he was 21 with my family and I.

    Norway looks totally gorgeous at christmas!!! like a magical christmas movie…i love it!! xx

    1. Nop, never.. He loved it though – and we both know he loved it because of the food, the christmas presents, and the amount of alcohol you drink during christmas! haha 😛

      oh really? so he never celebrated it until he met you ? How did he like it? haha.

      Norway is quite nice during christmas, but it’s also pretty cold >.< I've always wanted to go to London during christmas, everyone is telling me that its really nice.. is that true ?! 😛

      1. London is nice, but no where near as nice as what norway looks…it is traditional over there and simple. i like that.

        yeah kai had never celebrated christmas and he actually felt quite emotional on the day because of how much my family and i went out to make it special for him 🙂 he says he used to put a little xmas tree up in his parents home on his own!! so frickin sweet right?!?! now he loves doing the tree 🙂

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