My friends & 微信..

Something that has been on my mind ever since I left Beijing this summer is; Friends. When I first moved to Beijing, I thought it was so weird, and I didn’t really know what to make of it..I went to an international school, with students from all around the world, and I made some good friends, but then I realized.. Going to an international school, people always come and go! And that reeeaaaally sucks, big time! I made a really good friend, well I made more than one friend, but this one was there for me, no matter what.. Mariana, my Mexican buddy~ The thing about living in a country where there are not that many rules, well there are, probably more than in Norway, but not really any rules we had to take into consideration when we were hanging out. I think I did everything with Mariana, she was the first one I went out with (partying), we did everything together, she was like a sister to me, and she still is.. When she told me she was moving back to Mexico in 2011, it sucked, I mean she had only been in Beijing for 2 years, but that’s long enough to become super close, and then when she was moving, that’s when it really hit me, how much it sucks to be an international student / living in another country, because as I said, people come and go..
Mariana and I, at a music festival, long time agooo ~

When  I started at University in Beijing, the saaaame happened.. haha. It’s so great making friends with people from different countries, but wow, it sucks when someone’s leaving.. Thankfully some of my really good friends are Chinese and are still in Beijing, and I will go there soooon!
My 宝贝, Emma ~ 

I thought keeping in touch with my friends would be hard, but thanks to 微信(weixin / wechat) , that’s not a problem.. wechat has become my bestfriend!! haha.. I use it all day everyday, it’s a super smart application where you can video chat, send voice messages, share your photos. I even got my grandma in Norway to use it! haha.. I use 微信 everyday, I talk to my parents, my grandma, my friends, my 老公 and my 老公公 & 老婆婆.
photo 1 photo 2 photo 3
So this is what my convos are like.. haha. The last one is a group chat with my 老公 and my 老公公 & 老婆婆.

This was supposed to be about friends, and like what it’s like when you’re an international student but it obviously became all messy and I ended up talking about wechat as well, but oh well, wechat is also my friend >.<

I was thinking I will get some of my friends to say what they feel about being in this situation as well, and then write about it ^^



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