What is China?

Haha.. No this is not really China, well maybe it is to some people, at least, that’s all I knew about China when I first moved there.. Now when I watch this video I just go “no..”, “not true”, “there’s more to that”.. haha..>.< But The Fung Bros are so funnyyy. haha .. I could sit and watch their videos all day long.. Anyone else who have heard about the Fung bros before? Or watched some of their other videos? 🙂



6 thoughts on “What is China?

    1. I know they are hilarious, I don’t know, maybe it is my asian humor kicking in, but I think they are way funnier than western comedians on youtube.. lol.
      hah now you got me singing that also ~ gooood job 😀 .. ahha >.<

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