Just another so called love story

How did my boyfriend and I meet?

Well, this is far from a romantic story, definitely not one of those cute Asian love dramas.. When I met my boyfriend, I was studying at Beijing Language and Cultural University (北京语言大学). I had made quite a few local friends from Beijing, and I was having the time of my life, hanging out with friends, learning Chinese, seeing new places in Beijing and partying. My best friend and I made quite a few friends who were a part of the “party people” and we started going out together with them. Little did I know that I was partying weekly with ChenChen (my boyfriend), our friends would always book a table in one of the local clubs, and invite a lot of people. It wasn’t until a few months later, one of my DJ friend’s added me in to a group chat on Weixin, and ChenChen quickly sent a message to one of the guys and asked if he knew if I was single or not.
Once he got the answer from his friend, he suddenly added me. I was so confused, who was he? In fact, he didn’t remember seeing me at the nightclub either.. Haha, anyways, I did not remember him because the only times that I had seen him – we had been inside the club. Curious as I was I started asking him lots of questions and eventually I realized who he was..


We started talking a lot, from the very first day I could tell that he was being flirty with me, and I was maybe being a little flirty back. But I wanted to live up to my reputation, “The queen of wudaokou” as most of my friends called me.. So I was acting really cool towards him.. (Poor guy). At this time he was actually in his hometown, and we were talking all the time, but I didn’t want to show him that I had any feelings for him, but every time he talked to me I was falling more and more for him. Eventually they day he said to me “I know I’m not good enough for you, and not tall enough for you” it melted my heart. Sounds weird right? But it was so cute, it was his way of asking if he had a chance.. I was already head over heels in love so I was being super optimistic telling him that he was good enough, and from that day, we started counting the days until he was coming back to Beijing.

Photo on 2013-04-06 at 01.05
This photo is actually.. our first photo together

This is where it starts to become a little to cheesy – eventually ChenChen decided to book an earlier ticket back to Beijing, and 3 days later I was at the airport waiting for him. I was so nervous. I even made my friend come with me to the airport, ChenChen must have felt so intimidated.. The rest is just a “simple” love story of an AMWF couple.

IMG_3122 IMG_3141IMG_3129
Photos from the day he came back to Beijing, ironically we were actually wearing almost the same jacket… haha

I was thinking that when I go to Glasgow, ChenChen and I could make a video together, yes/no?  And if we do, what should we talk about? Anything you guys are interested in?



6 thoughts on “Just another so called love story

  1. Y’all make a cute couple. I’m curious. Why didn’t you want to show him that you had feelings for him? I mean if the guy was as shy as he was, why not hint to him that he’s got a chance?

    1. I think because deep down I was just as shy, if not even more shy.. but eventually it worked out perfectly fine 😛 But now, looking back at it, I always think to myself “why didn’t I try to show him that he got a chance”

  2. I wish your boyfriend and you happiness and good luck. You can stay with him forever in your life. Nothing can separate him from you. I enjoy reading your articles. I am a Chinese who is residing overseas for the time being. White girls do not seem to want to know me. I do not have a chance at all all the time. Your boyfriend got a relationship he was after.

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