Photos – Chinese New Year

I hope all of you guys who celebrate Chinese New Year had a great celebration! As I mentioned earlier I was going to Scotland to celebrate with ChenChen. I was there for 4 days, and we tried our best to make it as Chinese as possible, we both thought it would be “easy” to make it like in China, but wow.. We were wrong.. Although it was really nice it was nothing like the celebration in China. I arrived on Thursday (January 30th) and we had invited a few people to celebrate with us, mostly Chinese and 3 people from his class that were not Chinese. We didn’t have time to cook food ourself, unfortunately but we did order food from a Chinese restaurant! I guess there’s not much to say about the celebration, 10 people, lots of yummy food, dumplings and a crazy amount of alcohol for the alcohol-lovers.. haha! I think that saved their night! Instead of writing a long post about what we did, I will add some photos for you guys to look at 🙂 I have to say I totally forgot to take photos, but we tried to make the 4 days I was there as “Chinese” as possible..
The local Chinese supermarket, funny thing, we happened to walk in there exactly 12 am China time, and they were all celebrating, and then we walked in, I was the only foreigner in there, and they started handing out small gifts, and they said “If you know some Chinese words we will give you” little did they know that I speak Chinese with my MIL every day.. haha. 

So this is actually what we got from the supermarket, because I knew some Chinese words.. 

ChenChen’s friend & ChenChen

All the yummy food 😀 

饺子! We didn’t actually use the forks.. We used chopsticks, the forks were there because we had been eating some fruits and we used forks for that.. >.<

This is what I woke up to the next morning.. haha 

ChenChen, me and ChenChen’s friend – Nemo ~ 



ChenChen & I ~



P.S – I update my Instagram with photos way more often than I update here~ 
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6 thoughts on “Photos – Chinese New Year

  1. I love your picture with him 🙂 so cute! if that makes you feel better – my husband went to Chinatown around 8PM, everything beside our restaurant was closed, even a temple – it was terrible. I saw other cities around the world that have Chinatowns are celebrating, doing parades etc. and our was completely dead. When will they do it? at the END of NY celebration 😀 that sucks. I was so excited about LNY but doing it in America… nah 😦 so I understand why you could be upset.
    Did you have a chance to see any celebration? Hugs for both of you and a lot of love and happiness :)! actually I shouldn’t wish you love because you two already have it 🙂

    1. Not even in The States? I would guess there would be something there.. That’s surprising.. ChenChen and I really thought there would be some celebrations in Glasgow as it has such a big Chinese / Asian community, and we even did some research and there was alot of people saying CNY is so good in Glasgow, I guess either that was not true or we didn’t find it.. We really tried to find something.. The only thing we could find was some of the shops had signs saying “春节快乐” haha.. >.< So no celebrations for us either, except from what we did at home, and watched the CCTV gala thing 😛 Same goes to you and Sing ~ 马年大吉 ~ 😀

  2. Surprising to read that some big cities with Asian communities don’t offer much during Lunar New Year even though little cities like Helsinki have a full event running. Well, anyways it seems like you had fun and good food 🙂

    1. Yeah it was really weird ! We were quite disappointed when we found out ! I know that they even have a small celebration in Oslo .. Where the Asian community is like 0 compared to Glasgow and especially big cities in The US ..!

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