Where to go? What to do?

Before you even start reading this, let me tell you guys – This is a messy blog post, it’s just as messy as my mind is these days!

What to do?! Where will you work? Where should I study?! Where will we live? I don’t want to have another year of LDR – These are all questions and thoughts going through my mind, and if you don’t understand what I mean by that, then let me explain. Chenchen and I have now been in a LDR for a year, he is finishing he’s master degree, and I’m working in Norway. He wants to find a job after he graduate, but the thing is that I haven’t even started University. I did one year of studying Chinese, and that’s it. Both of us want to live together next year, but WHERE?! This is the only thing that I can think of these days, and I know that there are quite a few of you guys who have been in the same situation. I have gotten some advice from Lina, which was really helpful – Thank you~~ For me it’s easy to move to another country within Europe, but then what do I do about studying?


Of course we can survive a LDR, but we don’t want a LDR, we want to be together, and I know that some people think that it is a bad idea if I don’t start university next year, and I agree, but to me, what’s important is to stay with Chenchen, and I know for a fact that is what’s best for me. And I’m not only doing it for him, but I’m doing it for me and us. So one thing that is for sure is that, Chenchen and I will be together next year!


So the next few days, I won’t be posting really long blog posts, but I will do a 30 day challenge thing, I guess that can be interesting and a good way for you guys to get to know me better 🙂

What is your opinion about all these thoughts? Anyone else been in this situation?



12 thoughts on “Where to go? What to do?

    1. The thing is that he is done with University, he could get a PhD degree but the one thing that he don’t want is to move back to China yet. He wants some working experience in a foreign country, the best would be if he get a job in Norway, but that’s not the easiest thing.. Because then I could study and he could work, that would be the best. If you know about any free work positions within Construction Engineering and Management PLEASE let me know! haha. Even if its in the states 😛

      1. hah, my husband is industrial engineer and has master in engineering managment so if there was position in their company (now 4 people quit) he could try but the problem is… it’s in America 😦 the other one I know is HK company but sends engineers to China – that’s how Sing’s father works and I think if my husband could recommend him maybe they could find a job for him, but yet again it’s LDR and IN CHINA. How does the law look like in Norway with workers outside Europe? I know a lot of PL people go to work in Norway but even thought Norway is not in EU zone still hires people. maybe try sites like http://www.linkedin.com/job/q-engineering-l-norway-jobs http://www.jobsinoslo.com/?sector=engineering and http://www.engineersfornorway.com/rw/index.htm;jsessionid=F4E3273E94BE47978C6BE80D9CCEA5E1 maybe Chenchen should come to see you, stay for a while and in meantime look for a job there? it would be much easier to go for the interviews like that

      2. Yeah, like i’ve told you before, I can move to China or HK, but you know, for “them” they prefer working in Europe or America, and I get that, but you gotta be real lucky to get a “good” job as your first job.. I’ve been looking at some online studies, where I can still get a Bachelor degree, and I can transfer from a online course to a normal university class system, which could be a good idea if Chenchen happen to get a job in China, but then, VISA PROBLEMS FOR MS.TOBIASSEN 😛 haha, I guess in HK it wouldn’t be that big of a problem, maybe it’s different if I’m married to him, I don’t know too much about the laws when it comes to that in China / HK. 🙂

      3. once you’re married it’s a lot easier – if he gets an H1 working visa to America you get H4 and can stay with him, or if you study in America he can be on F2 but cannot work. in China I don’t really know, but if anyone of you could get a job in HK it shouldn’t be a big deal, don’t even need to get married just go out every 90 days to see your parents or something. if Chenchen was interested in having a job in America (you can transfer, especially that on H4 you pay like a local, not international student but you need to be a resident for at least a year) you can send me his resume to my email or I can provide you the link to Sing’s company and he can check them on his own 🙂

      4. I mean HK or America sounds easy, for both of us 😛 Why dont you send me the link to Sing’s company and make him put in a good work for Chenchen ! 😛 haha

  1. Hi, just came across the blog….really enjoyed it. I’m Chinese Canadian and actually recently spend some time in Norway specifically Oslo and Bergen. Would love to know what Norwegians think of asian people. I sort of have a clue but just wondering what your opinion is.

  2. I really enjoyed Norway, I want to go back but maybe visit some other cities as well. Of course, its really expensive but I enjoyed it during the summer. The scenery and the outdoors were great. People are sort of friendly and after staying there for awhile, I really learn a little bit more as to how Scandinavians think.

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