30 day blog challenge – Day 1 ~ 假想的歌手

As I promised, I would do a 30 day blog challenge, with answering 1 question everyday ~ So here we go 😀

 ♥ 1. Weird things you do when you’re alone.

Ok, so since I probably don’t even realize what I do when I’m alone is weird, I really don’t know! haha.
But as some of you guys have noticed, I LOVE MUSIC, so maybe .. The weirdest thing is that I always play really loud music and I dance around pretending to be Britney Spears or Lady GaGa, haha. Let me just tell you guys this, when I sing people tend to cover their ears or walk out of the room. So it’s definitely a good thing that I only do this when I’m alone.. haha. I really can’t think of any other weird things I do when I’m alone, but yeah – being an imaginary pop-star is definitely weird.


Anyone else who like to pretend they are like Britney Spears or lady GaGa? haha



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