30 day blog challenge ~ Day 3

 ♥  3. If you could wish for only 3 things to come true, what would you wish for?

Wow, that’s a hard question, especially now that I wish that everything could come true and make things more simple for me! >.<

♥ As of now my biggest wish is that ChenChen and I can be together now, next week, next month, next year, and that he can find a job in Norway, so that I can study and he can work and we can still stay together. That is my Number 1 wish right now, and I’m pretty sure it will be my Number 1 wish until it happens 😀 *fingers crossed it will happen soon* If he can’t get a job in Norway I will still do EVERYTHING to be able to be with him no matter where he might work 🙂


♥ My second wish is that I could be somewhere with my family and ChenChen’s family all together at the same time. Not because I want them to meet (they haven’t met yet), but it would be so nice 😀 I know for a fact that Chenchen would love that, and so would I 🙂 I guess one of the bad things about “growing up” is that you have to make decisions.. I’ll give u an example – This summer my parents and younger siblings are going to Greece for a holiday, I’ve always wanted to go to Greece. And then there’s ChenChen and his family who I have not seen since last summer. My parents were here for xmas, and they will come to Norway for a few days in a month or two, and I can talk to them everyday as there are no language problems. haha. I know that ChenChen’s family miss us a lot and they ask us everyday when we can go back to visit them. So this summer I have decided to stay with ChenChen and go to China to visit my Chinese family. Of course I would love to stay with my family as well, but I guess this is just one of the decisions you got to make 🙂


 Third and last, I wish I could have all my friends here, like in Beijing, having friends from all around the world is quite “complicated” sometimes, but somehow we always make it work. And I am so thankful for having the friends that I have. I just wish that I could have them here with me. My 3 girls – Emma, Mariana, Tina and Amanda, they mean the world to me. I haven’t seen Mariana and Tina in 2-3 years and yet we have the most amazing friendship. This summer I will also get a chance to meet Emma and Amanda again so that’s also one of the reasons why I want to go to China this summer, we have a lot of friends there that we want to be with 🙂


What would you wish for?~ 



2 thoughts on “30 day blog challenge ~ Day 3

  1. awwww you almost made me cry :,)
    I also wish i could go and see you, BUT as i told you last time i might be able to go next year all depends if my school has an exchange programm for my carrer in the uni in Norway!!! weee!!!!
    Anyway, if i cannot go we always manage to keep contact.
    Te quiero amiga!

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