30 day blog challenge ~ Day 5

Happy saturday you guys! How’s your weekend going?
Time to answer another questions ~ Here we go, day 5!

♥  5. Favorite movies you never get sick of watching

1. Love Actually – This is the best movie ever made, I have watched it so many times that I know the whole movie by heart. In my opinion it is the sweetest and most romantic movie ever made, even ChenChen like this movie! And trust me, the fact that he even watched the movie is amazing, he never want to watch romantic movies with me.. haha


2. Night at the museum 1&2 – I don’t really like these kind of movies, but these two movies are the first movies that ChenChen and I watched together, and ever since that we have watched it many many times.


3. Cold war / 寒戰 – One of the best Chinese movies ever made, I love action movies like that, and the fact that it is made in Hong Kong makes it way better! And 郭富城 / Aaron Kwok makes the movie a lot better! Eye candy! haha.


4. 中国合伙人 – If you can understand quite a bit of Chinese then you definitely got to watch this movie and if not watch the movie with english subtitles! It is absolutely hilarious and cute. I watched it with my Chinese class once it was released, and the same day I made ChenChen download it and watch it with me again! I love it.


What’s your favorite movie? 😀



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