30 day blog challenge ~ Day 6 – 我爱你

♥  6. Your favorite person and why?

I think the answer to this question is quite obvious 😛 Anyone want to guess?.. Yes if you guessed ChenChen, then your right! Congrats! haha.
There are so many reasons why he is my favorite person, I don’t want this to be a cheesy love post about how much I love him. Let me tell you guys this – I don’t love him just because he is my 老公, he is my bestfriend! He is the one person who understands me, and can read my mind and body language like no one else. He supports me everyday and make sure that he always give me a compliment just to make my day much better! Not many people can make my day the way he can. He is my favorite person – He is funny, romantic and a little bit silly, AND he is super handsome! 😀 But to me that’s what makes me like him so much. This ended up as a super cheesy post, I knew that would happen >.< haha. These are just some of the reasons why though 😛 There are many more, but I don’t want to write an essay..


Who is your favorite person?



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