30 day blog challenge ~ Day 7 & 8

I just have to admit that I totally forgot about the blog challenge yesterday, so sorry! But I will answer two questions now 🙂

♥  7. Who is your favorite musician and why?
Easy, most of you guys already know this! 羽泉 a music group from Mainland China  ~ I have written a blog post about them before, you can read more about it here! The reason why I love 羽泉 is simply because their music is amazing,  and their songs & lyrics are really nice 🙂 Their music has made me laugh, cry and smile, and it has made ChenChen sick of them.. haha 😀


♥  8. What can you not leave the house without?
For the people who know me well, can answer this for me – My handbag! Now, this is because what’s in my bag is super important 😀 In my bag, you can find my wallet, keys, iPad, chewing gum, a little bit of makeup, my sunglasses and most importantly my phone! My phone has become my new best friend ever since I moved back from China. The reason why my phone is so important to me is because it’s how ChenChen and I communicate everyday, during my lunch break 😛 Whoever invented the phone is my Lord! haha. No, I’m not that addicted, to my phone BUT I’m so thankful that we can use it to communicate to each other ~

And of course my phone which is my camera, iPhone 5s 😀 

What can you not leave the house without?



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