如何让异地恋像本地恋一样 ~ How to make a LDR more natural ~


I know I have completely forgotten about the 30 day blog challenge, and I am so sorry. I’ve been super busy watching the Winter Olympics! >.< And to be honest, it was getting a little.. boring, so I’ve decided to change the name to “10 day blog challenge!” haha.

Over to something else, you all know that I am in a LDR (Long distance relationship), I’m living in Norway and my man is living in Scotland, not too bad, as we only got 1 hour time difference. The only problem with the time difference is that I normally forget about the Norway time, and I follow his time, which is 1 hour behind Norway. So at night-time I follow his time and I forget to go to bed, which makes me dead tired the next day when I’m supposed to get up at 6:15 am…But that’s my own fault for not even thinking about that 😛

I know that quite a few of my readers are also in a LDR, so I thought that I could tell you guys what ChenChen and I do to make the relationship as natural as possible. This is what my day looks like when it comes to talking to ChenChen;

♥ I get up and always text him on wechat, even though he is sleeping, I know that he will appreciate the message when he reads it, as we don’t have much time to talk during the day because I am at work and he’s in class.

♥ He always give me a message when he gets up, and I read it during my break as I start work before he get up – Lucky guy, he’s classes always start really late..

♥ During my lunch break I always text him, though I know that he is not able to reply – It’s just that little extra to make his day a little better ~ At least I hope it makes it a little better after sitting in class all day! haha.

♥ I get off work at either 3:30 pm or 5 pm, so we normally finish class and work at the same time – unless he’s got project meetings after class. We then normally go home, prepare dinner / my lazy man order food, and skype while I cook and he’s waiting for his food.

Once we got the food ready, we normally skype while we eat at the same time so it’s almost like we are eating together – of course it’s not the same and it seems a little weird, but it really makes a difference, and to me it’s the best time of the day 🙂 We talk and eat, just like we were eating together – a little cheesy, and a little weird, but it’s super romantic >.< haha

After eating he have to study, so he just keep his skype on and let me watch him like it would be if we were together. And the most important thing that he tells me every time “Don’t talk to me when I study, I can not focus when you talk to me, and sing and do all these weird things, just do what you want to do but please don’t disturb me” haha, at least he’s honest 😀

♥ After hours of studying, and me forgetting the time, he is still not done with studying and suddenly he opens his mouth and goes “Go to sleep babe!” And by that time it is already 12 am, and I will only get 6 hours of sleep, which will kill me as I work in a kindergarten and need a lot of energy haha. So yeah, when I realize that I should have gone to bed an hour earlier we eventually hang up on skype, and send each other a goodnight message. This is something that everyone could do even if the time difference is completely opposite – You could send your love a good morning message when he/she is getting up and your going to bed, just to make your love’s morning better 🙂 As I said earlier, it’s the small things that matters 🙂

♥ During the weekend we skype quite a bit, and it is almost like a normal weekday, he normally have to study and I normally HAVE TO go shopping.. >.< or go to the gym haha. And at night-time when your with your love it’s quite nice to watch a movie right? Well, who said that you can not watch movies or TV shows together even if you are in a LDR? ChenChen and I watch 我是歌手 together every Saturday. It might seem weird and a little complicated, but really it is very simple!
ChenChen and I normally watch 我是歌手 on youtube, so what we do is that we Video chat/skype, and then open youtube, and then *drumrolls* we press play at the same time.. That way we both watch the same thing, and we can see each other at the same time – It is really nice ~ If you don’t want to you use Skype, you could also use Google+, and one of you guys could play the movie or TV show and then turn on “screen sharing.” The only negative thing about Google+ is that it is blocked in Mainland China, so if your better half is living in Mainland China, it it’s pretty difficult to get it working, unless he or she got a VPN 🙂

These are just some of the things ChenChen and I do everyday to make our LDR seem more natural, of course we can not Skype each other every minute, but time that we have together on Skype is really nice. As ChenChen said “Skype has really made this relationship easier, of course it would still be a good relationship, but what we manage to do with Skype, such as eat dinner at the same time, and watch movies together really makes it seem a lot more like we are together, and it also builds up that trust that is one of the most challenging aspects of a LDR”
Anyone could do this even if the time difference is different, lunch/dinner together, dinner/breakfast – anything could work. What matters is those small daily life things that makes it more natural 🙂

♥ Anyone else who use Skype to make a LDR more natural?