My Relationship – Video

It’s been waaaay too long since last time I wrote something here.. I always think about writing when I’m at work, and then by the time that I’m back home I forget about it.. sorry sorry.

Anyhow, this weekend I will be back on track 🙂 Meanwhile here is a little video of my man and I. You see, while we were at my grandparents 80th birthday dinner, my dad’s cousin showed me that iPhone 5s has a “Slo-Mo” effect on the camera, so you can make Slow motion videos, and of course we had to check it out.. And that’s what I want to show you guys, as I promised to make a video with ChenChen..  Now I don’t have to feel so bad about not writing here for a long time, because this video is super awkward.

Have any of you guys made a video like this? If not.. try it! so fun.. haha



3 thoughts on “My Relationship – Video

  1. I was so focus on the sound you made I didn’t notice ChenChen’s facepalm in first second of the video 😀 he’s like ‘OMG, NOOOOO, that cannot be real’ and I cried again 😀 you might end up on 9gag and something :DDD

    1. haha I know, that sound is soooo silly 😛 and the facepalm is hilarious he looks soooo embarrassed, I was laughing so much that I started crying when we made the video 😛 You should make a slow motion video with Sing 😀 😀 haha

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