I ♥ Disney ~

I have to admit, I’m pretty childish, and I love Hello Kitty and other cute things haha >.<, but what I love even more than that *drumroll* All the cute princess and other cute / weird creatures by Disney! haha
And I am inlove with the song “Let it go” so when I found out that Disney released a “Behind the mic Multi-Lingual” version I just had to share it with you guys 😀  I love it~ I actually prefer the Chinese version ~随它吧~, I think it sounds so beautiful, my least favorite is the Norwegian one, haha >.< It just sounds so strange.. And it’s kind of fun to listen to it when you can understand quite a few of the languages 😀 love it love it love it! 

Hope you all have a great weekend, and enjoy the song~ 😀


Happy Wednesday~

Thought I would share this video with you guys, it definitely made me smile and made my day a lot better~Yayy to AMWF couples 😀 haha. I found this video on a website called “hello tomorrow” , the people behind the blog helped this guy to plan his wedding proposal, and I have to say it turned out pretty good! These kind of proposals are so cute, I could watch videos similar to this all day long, but then I think I would continue by watching “wedding videos” and that would turn in to me having super high expectations for my own wedding! haha.   Hope you all have a great Wednesday ~



미안하다 사랑한다 ~ 对不起,我爱你

Hope you guys have had a great weekend!
I’ve had a great weekend, I went to a flea Market with my friends, didn’t really think I would find anything interesting there.. But I was wrong, I found one thing, meet my new friend Buddha!

photo 1
Say hello ~

Anyways, this Sunday I’ve been a bit lazy, which I have to admit, I really enjoyed 😛 So I’ve been watching a Korean Tv Drama called 미안하다 사랑한다 – I’m sorry, I love you. It’s from 2004 so it’s quite old, but it is really good! ChenChen introduced the TV show to me a few weeks ago, but I never really started watching it until last week, and now I can’t get enough of it 😛 I don’t want to say too much about it because then I know I will ruin it for those who want to watch it 😛 But what I can say is that it is really complicated..  Apparently it was quite popular in China before, all of my Chinese friends know this TV show so for those of you who got a Chinese husband or wife / boyfriend or girlfriend, they might just happen to know about this Tv drama 😛

I’m sorry, I love you

For those of you who want to watch I can give you guys a link to a youtube profile who got all the episodes with English subtitles, the same as the one I’ve been using to watch it, scroll down on the page and you will find it~

Here is a link for those who want to watch the preview 😀

Anyone who have watched I’m sorry, I love you before?  If not, you really should! 😀
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TBT – Throwback Thursday

I’m still alive 🙂 !

In Norway it’s Thursday afternoon and that means Throwback-Thursday! A few days ago I was looking through my photo uploads on 微信 – weixin / wechat, which is pretty much a Chinese version of whatsapp, you can send photos, voice messages, videos, and you also have your own “moments” where you can upload photos and your friends can like it ~ So it’s quite cool 🙂 Anyhow, I found 2 photos that I uploaded the same day as I met my 老公’s parents. So now you can probably guess what I will write about? Of course, the first time I met ChenChen’s parents and what that was like..
Before I start, there’s a few things you should know about my in-laws;
♥ They don’t speak a word of English
♥ They have seen a lot of foreigners, but never talked to a foreigner
♥ They are very traditional
♥ And of course, as every other Chinese parents, they want the best for their son/daughter

So, now that you guys know this you can imagine how I was feeling when I woke up the morning I was going to meet them, I think I changed clothes 16 times, did my makeup 7 times and at the same time I was trying to find something that could cover my tattoos. I knew they don’t like tattoos at all, but ChenChen likes them.. What a dilemma! Cover my tattoos for his parents or show my tattoos because he likes them?! haha.

Finally, we headed to the airport to pick them up, their flight was delayed so I was walking back and forth to the bathroom in the airport checking if my makeup was ok.. Sounds so stupid now, but then I was a nerve-wrack! haha.
At that time I was not very good at speaking Chinese so while we waited for them at the airport, ChenChen was going through some Chinese vocabulary just to make me a little bit more nervous..

So we finally met them, and all I managed to say was “您好” while they were all excited and kept on asking me questions in Chinese, and ChenChen had to translate everything for me, it was quite interesting, but pretty much that’s what the day was like.. We went out for late lunch / dinner, to a Chinese restaurant of course, and I was thinking – “oh, when we are going to eat they won’t ask me so many questions”, guess I was wrong.. haha! I have never answered so many questions before.. Throughout all the questions, the one question I was waiting for was about my tattoos, and if ChenChen and I were sleeping in the same bed.. haha and guess what they asked those 2 questions right after each other.. Oh my.. Thankfully ChenChen knew how nervous I was and answered for me and made them like me :p haha.

photo 1
簋街 – Guijie
photo 3
Yummy food~

 They were going to stay in Beijing for 4 days so we would meet up with them the next day as well, so while we were in the taxi on the way back to their hotel to drop them off they gave us a bracelet each, a very traditional chinese bracelet called   玉手镯

photo 2
Our 玉手镯 ~

When they gave us these bracelets ChenChen quickly told me “They like you” haha. That just made me so much more relaxed and I was able to talk to them, or at least answer some questions and I could tell that it made them really happy. I have to admit though, it was not easy. I think meeting someone who you have never met before, and knowing they don’t speak the language that you speak can really freak you out a little, at least that’s what happened to me. Just 2 months after I met them, we went to Manzhouli to visit the rest of his family and I was actually able to talk to them, haha!

I think the one thing that day taught me is that no matter who you are going to impress, you just got to be yourself, I know that meeting your in-laws or someone else can be difficult especially when you don’t speak the same language and you know that they are judgmental and can be very strict. I told them about my blog, and I asked them “what made you guys “accept” me?” and they both answered, “you were acting natural” so I guess that’s pretty much the same as be yourself!
Now I try to talk to them everyday, using 微信 and just give them some photos of my everyday life, as we are in two complete different countries, and they really appreciate it! I guess Chinese in-laws aren’t as bad as I thought they would be! haha 😀

photo 4
My lovely 婆婆 and I ~

What was it like when you first met your in-laws? Were you also nervous ? >.< haha