It’s Friday ~ Sooo cute

Wish you guys a good weekend, this little boy is just too cute! Haha, 太可爱 ~


14 thoughts on “It’s Friday ~ Sooo cute

      1. I know! It’s really an eye opener, that such a young boy cares so much about happiness, while in western countries a 20 year old boy/girl is not happy before he/she gets a new ipad or enough money…..

      2. Yes I really think so too… when I spent Christmas last year with my relatives, a young cousin of mine received a real expensive Lego gift from us and then he asked “That’s it?”. I was really shocked! I am sure those Tuhao brats are the same in China but I’d say the majority of kids still appreciate things there..

      3. Yeah definitely! On my birthday my grandparents gave me some money, and like I didnt really expect that much as I’m getting older, but they gave me more than I expected. and my cousin had brought a friend with her and when her friend saw the amount of money I got she went “That’s it?! My little brother gets more than that”.. Right in front of my grandparents, I felt really angry >.< haha. just told her, "think about the people that don't receive any gifts, if they even got $1 they would be happy, think about what u say before you open your mouth" haha maybe a little mean as I don't really know her and shes only 10 years old, but I was surprised / shocked / angry. haha

      4. woow! crazy! but i think with 10 years old Kids understand stuff like that. look at this 3 year old apparently understanding what happiness really is. so there you go! you weren’t rude at all. those brats need to be taught some manners >D

      5. Yeah I agree! I wish I could teach them manners! Lol.. I work in a kindergarten, and the kids here don’t really understand “happiness” and like what it means being “nice” haha. Like they all got iPads with them , and then I said “think about the kids that can’t afford it” and they just went “everyone can afford that …” Haha. I mean they are not so old but they still have an understanding of money , and life you know ?.. Haha

      6. yeah, so was I when I first saw it.. the kids in the section that I work in are 4-6 years old and got their own ipad .. crazy … i think its insane that kids that haven’t even started school get ipads for their birthday.. its definitely different from when I was little..

      7. yeah me too! kids these days gets their first phone when they’r like 6 yrs old.. it’s shocking. like i always hear parents say to their kids things like “lets go home” and then the kid goes “nooo” and then the parent goes “you can play on your ipad” and the kid just goes “wohooo 😀 ” it’s insane..

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