I ♥ Disney ~

I have to admit, I’m pretty childish, and I love Hello Kitty and other cute things haha >.<, but what I love even more than that *drumroll* All the cute princess and other cute / weird creatures by Disney! haha
And I am inlove with the song “Let it go” so when I found out that Disney released a “Behind the mic Multi-Lingual” version I just had to share it with you guys 😀  I love it~ I actually prefer the Chinese version ~随它吧~, I think it sounds so beautiful, my least favorite is the Norwegian one, haha >.< It just sounds so strange.. And it’s kind of fun to listen to it when you can understand quite a few of the languages 😀 love it love it love it! 

Hope you all have a great weekend, and enjoy the song~ 😀



22 thoughts on “I ♥ Disney ~

  1. I like Japanese version the most – really catchy! Mandarin is so gentle, for Cantonese Sing had literally NO CLUE what’s going on. But that bitch did not even have one tear in his eyes >.< I cry on literally every single Disney movie 😀 tell me you too!

    1. haha, the Japanese is also pretty catchy 😀 I love the Disney movies, and after I started working in the kindergarten we sometimes watch Disney movies or read Disney books, and I’m always like tearing up ! hahaha. They are so cuteeeee! I always wanted to be one of the princesses! >.< but….. you know, I met this guy called ChenChen instead.. haha

      1. don’t tell me he doesn’t watch them… T_T I need to unfollow him on instagram! 😀 just joking! did you try to show him the more funny one? I think tangled could suit him, it’s pretty funny, especially the horse 🙂

      2. hahaha! I tried to watch Lady and the tramp with him 😛 “omg.. babe.. this is just sooooo cheeeesy” hahah 😛
        I even tried with the more “guy” movies such as Cars, and Planes, but nah.. I guess I will watch Disney movies alone 😛 haha. Does Sing watch them with you ? :O 😀

      3. I just brainwashed him 😀 he woke me up last week singing me ‘do you want to build a snowman’ XD I died 😀 newer disney movies have more humor than cheesy-ness. how about pixar? did you try? I’m curious how Chenchen would react on UP – when Sing is bad to me I show him this part of the movie https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=F2bk_9T482g and he cries like a baby 😀 literally tears all over his face and he asks me not to die. why am I first to die? oh, and watch first moment – family reactions pretty much sums up how my family reacted on us getting married and how his haha 😀

      4. omg.. that part 😦 😦 Don’t show me that!!! haha, it will make me cry >.< it's too sweet 😦 haha. I will make ChenChen watch it when we will skype later today 😀 I think he is already kind of .. over all the "cuteness" haha. Like I would always want Hello Kitty things when we lived in Beijing, and I even made hes classmate in Scotland who went back to China for CNY to buy super cute/childish phone covers for me, so i think ChenChen is just.. over it! haha. But I will make him watch UP 😀 its the sweetest movie ever made….. 😦 haha

  2. Hi there, I’ve just hopped over here from “China Elevator Stories”. I’m also a fan of Disney movies, and I’m a guy, which probably makes it even more ridiculous. 🙂 The funny thing is that I wasn’t much of a fan when I was younger.

    And regarding Hello Kitty, even though I’m not a fan at all, I kinda want to travel on that Hello Kitty-themed flight that they have in Taiwan just to see what the fuss is all about.

    1. 随它吧 is amazing, it’s so calm and nice ~ haha. But Chenchen told me it sounds so weird he doesn’t like it-.-‘ but he doesn’t like any Disney things haha.. It’s fun to see the behind the mic video it gives u a different feeling , at least it did to me 😛 I wish the Norwegian version could have been done by someone else .. -.-

      1. Yeapppp, and especially since I’m so used to the English and Chinese version, it becomes really weird listening to the Norwegian version haha-.-

  3. Don’t scold me but I haven’t watched Frozen yet so I’ll refrain for seeing the video just in case haha. I enjoy watching Disney movies but I’m not a big fan of all the merchandising. The last one I watched was Tangled, it is quite good!

      1. Ok I watched it hahaha. I find it amazing that they can fit the words of any language in the same music! Disney translators must be pretty good as they do this for eeeeevery movie haha.

  4. I love Disney movies! As a child I almost never got to watch them, so now I’m making up for all the movies I missed. Last night I had a Disney movie night with a friend, it was awesome! But I have to say, the older Disney movies are sometimes a bit boring. The newer ones are a lot more fun to watch.

    I prefer the Flemish version of ‘let it go’ over the Dutch one, the lyrics are just better in Flemish. 随他把 is the version I listen to the most. The song sounds really nice in Mandarin. 🙂

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