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I’m still in Scotland visiting my man, but I guess you guys can see what I will write about when I’m back in Norway ? 🙂
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梦中的额吉 ~ Mother in the dream


As some of you remember, I’ve been posting videos of Chinese TV shows, funny Chinese videos, or really just anything that’s Chinese. And today I was trying to find a video for the blog. I came across many funny and cute ones, but one video really stood out. I will show you guys why.. But first let me tell you guys a little about why I thought this video was so special. We have all seen many videos like this on youtube before, these are the kind of videos that end up going viral. The moment I opened this video, I thought of 晨晨, but I didn’t really realize why, until the boy introduced himself and said that he was from Hulunbuir, Inner Mongolia, after hearing him say “Hulunbuir” I realized it was the traditional costume he was wearing that made me think of  晨晨  – I have seen photos of 晨晨 wearing the same kind of traditional costume before. When the boy named 乌达木 (Wudamu) started talking about the grasslands in Hulunbuir, it really made me miss China, and especially Inner Mongolia. Hulunbuir is where 晨晨 is from, and my favorite part of his hometown is actually the grasslands, it is so peaceful and beautiful there. Once Wudamu said what song he was going to sing, I started tearing up. I know this song very well, it is one of  晨晨’s favorite songs, and he play this song a lot, so I’m really familiar with it..
There is not much more to say about this, you just have to watch the video by yourself, this boy is amazing, and yes it made me cry like a baby, so when I called 晨晨 on Skype after watching it he asked me why my eyes were so red and he thought I had been chopping onion..-.- So I sent him the video and I could tell he was pretty touched by this video, and all he said was “I miss my hometown so much now”.. 



Here’s a photo of the grasslands, from last summer~



520 – 我爱你


今天是5月20号,在中国”520”代表我爱你, 因为”520”在中文中与我爱你发音相似,所以中国人把520看成是表达感情的一天,而且这一天也是我最喜欢的,因为对我来说,这又是一个庆祝和珍惜我和晨晨感情的机会,也祝愿所有的情侣,520快乐 

Today is May 20th, which is a day where in China it’s normal to say 520 meaning “I love you”, the reason why it means “I love you” is because it sounds like “wo ai ni” 5-wo 2-ai 0-ni. 
This is one of my favorite days because it gives me a chance to celebrate and appreciate the relationship I have with 晨晨  So to all other couples – I wish you a happy 520 ~

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Jemma + Kai = 2 pooches and happiness

The other day I asked my friend Jemma, if she wanted to do a guest post on my blog. She’s been in a relationship with a Chinese guy who grew up in the UK, for 7 years, so of course I asked her to write about her relationship,(I think they are so cute together, thats why I asked 😀 Made me feel like a stalker! haha.)  I already know quite a bit about her relationship, but what I really wanted to know more about was if there are as many cultural differences in her relationship as there is in mine. So here you are – This is Jemma’s experience of dating a Chinese guy ~ 

Growing up I was always fascinated with chinese culture from when my dad first started watching Bruce Lee movies with me and I just so happen to now be in a relationship with a chinese guy who was born in Hong Kong but moved to the UK when he was 3/4.

I have to be honest and say that when we first got together I was infatuated with the idea that he is chinese and I am white, however 7 years later it really doesn’t come into it and we argue just like any other race couple do. I personally think a relationship based only on the race of your partner is unrealistic and most probably won’t last.


With my partner being pretty much raised in the UK there are times where I feel like I appreciate some parts of chinese culture more than he does. For example, respecting his parents. He can be quite rude and dismissive to them when I know they just want whats best for him (although they really couldn’t care less about our relationship!). He seems to have a lot of resentment towards them because they pressured him from a young age to translate things for them and cope with things he really shouldnt of had to at a young age.


I do think our relationship is…easier?..Because he understands British culture and yet still loves his Chinese culture. Although he speaks Cantonese fluently, he can get embarrassed if there is something he can’t explain or translate to me however his Chinese side definitely comes out when food is brought into the picture. This guy will eat everything and anything and we do cook some chinese dishes together!. Although there are a lot of things he totally disagrees with in his Chinese culture, he is very proud to be Chinese.


I can’t say there are really any major challenges we have faced together due to the fact we both speak the same language and he understands British culture. I would only say the main issue is me not having a connection with his family which initially was off-putting for me as I always wanted to be close to my in-laws. I do find that chinese girls can get hostile to me at times and white guys to him but we think nothing of it and love the fact that we are mixing our cultures and our ethnicities. I’ve recently thought about going to chinese school but there are none near me 😦  The only reason I would want to do that is for when we have children. Although I understand and can speak some Cantonese, I wouldn’t consider myself fluent at all.


After 7 years, we live together with our 2 pooches (They are soooo cute 😀 – Oda.. ) , we have had really bad times but are still together. We are planning to finish traveling to a few more places before caving to the pressure of marriage and kids. Once that’s out of or system, we will look to move house and if children come along, our baby girl would be named Ava Mei and a boy named Josh, (unsure of the decided chinese names). Unfortunately we don’t have the money to do it all at once!



Fun Facts – China

The first vending machine to sell live crabs debuted in 2010 in a subway station near Nanjing. The machine sells an average of 200 live crabs a day—with prices ranging from 15 to 50 yuan (about $2-7 depending on size). A sign next to the machine guarantees each crab will come out alive, offering compensation of three live crabs for every dead one that pops out.

Screen shot 2014-05-18 at 4.17.46 PM

The ultimate in diva dogs, a miniature pinscher named Lu Lu prefers to walk upright on her back legs while carrying a teddy bear-shaped purse that holds her own waste bags wherever she goes. Her owner taught her to walk upright when she was just four months old. Lu Lu attracts local fans during her daily walks with her owner every morning.


China has a Dwarf Theme Park called “Kingdom of the Little People” that employs over 100 Chinese dwarves to sing and dance (including breakdancing and Swan Lake). The 13,000-acre and US$115 million park also features tiny dogs and tiny fruit trees.

China has the world’s biggest mall, … but it’s been 99% vacant since opening in 2005. The New South China Mall in Dongguan (Guangdong province) –spearheaed by an instant noodle billionaire– has seven zones modeled on international regions (Paris, Rome, Amsterdam, Venice, California, Egypt, and the Caribbean). It includes a 25m replica of the Arc de Triomphe, a 2.1km canal with gondolas, and an indoor-outdoor roller coaster. – There are many shopping malls like this in China, but the funny thing is that sometimes there might just be 2 or 3 shops in a shopping mall, but then you end up finding something awesome in one of those shops 😀 haha 


With almost half a billion pigs, China is the world’s largest pork consumer and producer. China has more pigs than the next 43 largest pork producing countries combined (U.S. is #2 with 65.9 million pigs).

An anonymous Chinese phone bidder paid US$232,000 each for three bottles of 1869 Château Lafite Rothschild at a Sotheby’s auction in Hong Kong —smashing the record of $156,450 paid in 1985. – That person must really love wine 😛 

All pandas in the world are on loan from China, and when a baby Panda is born, by agreement, it is sent back to China to help expand the gene pool. The baby pandas are shipped back by FedEx.

Chinese researchers wear panda suits to fool cubs. Workers at the Hetaoping Research and Conservation Center for the Giant Panda dressed up to minimize contact with humans and prepare captive-born cubs to live in the wild.


When McDonald’s first introduced drive-throughs to China, the concept was so foreign that many people would pick up their food through the drive-thru, park their cars, and bring the food inside the restaurant to eat it. – That’s kinda cute in a weird way.. haha. I remember one time going back home from a club with my friend we got the driver to stop by at McDonald’s and we were waiting in line for the drive-thru, when the driver of the car in front of use decided to get out of the car and use the bathroom while he was waiting for he’s food, well the food was there within 1 minute, but he was gone for 5 minutes -.-

Rich people in China hire body doubles to serve their prison sentence. – I don’t know if this is a common thing (I doubt it), but I remember that there was a big thing about that on the news in China a few years ago, a rich Chinese women hired someone that looked like her to serve her prison sentence.. 

China has planted the biggest artificial forest in the world to stop the spread of the Gobi desert, and plans to expand it to 2,800 miles by 2074


China set up state-sanctioned protest zones for the 2008 Olympics and then arrested people who applied to use them.

During the 2008 Olympics, China employed 30 airplanes, 4,000 rocket launchers, and 7,000 anti-aircraft guns to stop rain by shooting various chemicals into any threatening clouds to shrink rain drops before they reached the stadium. – I remember being so surprised about the blue skies when I moved to Beijing, which was 2 weeks before the olympics, I later found out why it was such nice weather ~ the famous rockets thingys they use to get nice weather. They use it when they need it to rain also! haha. I remember one time during the winter, Beijing really needed some rain, so they used the rockets to make it rain, the only problem was that it was so cold that it turned into snow, so it ended up being a snow day at school, because it was “too dangerous to drive” so no school buses were allowed to drive either 😀 haha 

There used to be fake Apple stores in China. Even the staff were convinced that they were working for Apple. – My friend told me she had bought “iPhone 6” at apple store, when the real “Apple” had just realized iPhone 4… haha 


In 2010, China had a traffic jam that lasted 12 days and spanned 62 miles – Love love love hate love the traffic jams in China.. 

1 in every 3 socks you have were made in the district of Datang in Zhuji, China, now known as “Sock City”

Fortune cookies are not a traditional Chinese custom, they were invented in early 1900 in San Francisco

Screen shot 2014-05-18 at 4.09.31 PM

China uses about 45 billion chopsticks every year.

The sunrise in parts of China can be as late as 10 am, because the country joined it’s 5 time zones into a single one.

I guess most of this is things that people know already, but was there something that you didn’t know already? 😛
The only thing that surprised me was the “With almost half a billion pigs, China is the world’s largest pork consumer and producer” haha.


Going crazy

Hi you all ~ can you believe it’s already May?! Gosh, time flies! I just want to apologize for not writing anything here lately.. I was going to write a post about my trip to Dubai, but of course I had to forget my computer charger in Dubai. And I just haven’t had time to buy a new one yet, hopefully I can buy one tomorrow! 😀 Although it’s been kinda nice not just looking at a computer screen all day, I have to admit I miss reading other blogs and writing on my own blog, so I’ve got one mission tomorrow – buy a new charger! Haha. I know I could’ve used my iPad or iPhone to write a new blog post, but I don’t have any photos from the trip on my phone. So if you want to see some of my photos from my trip to Dubai you can check out my Instagram: odatobiassen 🙂