2014年5月30日 ~ The Proposal ~ 求婚

The last post showed you guys what I’ve been up to lately 😛 Well, the most exciting thing thats happened for the past months at least, and I promised to write more about it when I came back from Scotland, and I promised Lina to write it today – So here you go! haha.
I’m going to make it short, but it is actually a funny story, so I’ll make sure to write about it all. As all of you know, I’m in a LDR, ChenChen is living in Scotland and I’m living in Norway. And I was reallllly excited because I was going to visit him for 5 days. And I just have to say, that I am normally the kind of person who wants to know whats going on, and I always plan things to be sure that I know when, and where I will go out.. as you can tell – I’m a control freak! 😛
Anyways, so it all started Wednesday evening as I was about to board my plane to Edinburgh, I got a text from ChenChen saying “Btw, we are going to my friend’s birthday party, so tomorrow we have to go shopping to buy you some nice clothes, and I need to buy a suit” of course I just answered “Okay, sure.. But I don’t wanna drink any alcohol” haha. Well, on the Thursday we spent the whole day shopping, with no success, I was just in suuuuch a bad mood, and I was really not excited about going to a birthday party. Thankfully I found something that looked OK, but he could not find a suit that he liked. To be honest, I didn’t even understand why on earth he needed to wear a suit?! And I was telling him “you know, it’s only going to be Chinese people there, non of them are going to be wearing suits! You know that, they wear jeans even to weddings..! Let’s not be overdressed!” And he was just saying that the party would be in a private KTV room at a Casino, so we had to wear nice clothes.. At 5 pm on Friday, he finally found something to wear, 2 hours before we were supposed to be there.

You guys can imagine me being all frustrated, pissed off and stressed, so I quickly put on some nailpolish, tried to do my makeup and straighten my hair, but I was still a little frustrated because I was not excited about going to the party as I wanted to spend quality time with ChenChen, and not waste a day being hungover! haha.. Anyhow, we got all dolled up and ready to go, but then I was like – “but first let me take a selfie..” Obviously ChenChen was all excited about that and here’s the result..

Anyways, we arrived at the Casino and as I didn’t know many of them, I had to be all nice and sweet to them, the only person I knew was the birthday boy so I walked up to him and said “生日快乐” (Happy birthday) and they were all like “woaaaa, 你说中文!” (You speak Chinese) haha >.< Anyways, so as we were in a private room, we could sing as many weird songs as we wanted to, and all of a sudden I said “Let’s sing the birthday song for Leo (birthday boy)” and so we did, after the song finished Leo disappeared and I was told he was going to pick up some people outside the casino, so we just continued the birthday party, having fun playing games, drinking and singing. I quickly made friends with the girls that were there and we were singing songs together, and for the people who’s not been to KTV’s before and doesn’t know what its like; you pretty much pick many songs, and they get added to a playlist, and then you just pass the microphone to the person who picked the song that’s next on the list. While I was singing a Lady GaGa song with one of the girls, I noticed that the next song was “Forever Love” by 王力宏,and I got all excited because I love that song, and it turned out that it was ChenChen who had picked that song and he asked if I wanted to sing it with him, because he knows that I like that song, so eventually I said yes, but I have to say, I didn’t sing much.. I all of sudden got really shy, and felt that my Chinese skills were all gone.. So I was just standing there, enjoying the song, and suddenly the birthday boy walked in with flowers and gave them to ChenChen, and I was thinking to myself “ooookay? he must be really thankful because ChenChen helped him organize the party.” My man continued singing, and suddenly he went down on one knee and I’m pretty sure you guys know the words that came out of his mouth; “Oda will you marry me?” You guys can imagine my reaction, I was speechless, and just burst out in tears, I couldn’t stop crying, finally I managed to say something that was a mix of “yes, omg, yeah” Haha..  After a while of crying ChenChen told me that there was no birthday party, this was all for me, and they had been planning this since the day I booked the tickets to go Scotland. And of course, I started crying again, I really had no idea that it was not a birthday party, I was overwhelmed, surprised, and super happy.


Btw, I was wearing really high heels, so I was waaaay taller than ChenChen..

After the proposal I could tell that ChenChen was way more relaxed and really happy, it was a really good atmosphere in the room, and we were all singing songs, dancing, taking photos and drinking. Then one of the people working at the casino came with a cake, and 2 cocktails, one for me and one for ChenChen, the cocktails was made especially for us as we had gotten engaged, and the cake was from ChenChen’s friends. It was really sweet. I’m normally not the kind of person who enjoy a lot of attention, but for once I loved it. The rest of the night is just history.. we continued singing and drinking until the morning, and the next day I woke up with a mix of pure happiness and a real bad hangover. It was definitely a night I will never forget.


This was a really.. cheesy blog post, but that’s how the proposal happened! haha. 
Anyone else who’s been proposed to? Or have been on / planned a surprise party for someone?

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14 thoughts on “2014年5月30日 ~ The Proposal ~ 求婚

  1. I love the difference on you face from first photo like don’t be so happy I kill you once we are back and on the one after he proposed there’s so much happiness! He put so much effort but you’re worth it 🙂 now I wait for posts about your wedding preparation 🙂 congrats again I smile while reading this 🙂

    1. Haha, I know, I was like “lets take a picture, just because I always take selfies, but just so u know, I’m not excited about going” haha, and then throughout the night, the pictures were becoming better and more real! haha. It’s funny to look at xD He definitely planned it very well, I was really impressed and it melted my heart when he said the party was for me haha.
      Oh gosh, wedding preparations.. I should be nervous right?! 😀

  2. Good job, this is a post I definitely can’t show to my wife or she will kill me about how boring my proposal was!!!!
    He really came up with a great idea for the proposal, I should have perhaps waited until reading this. But now it is already a few years to late for that :p
    Congratulations and get afraid about the wedding preparations!

    1. Haha, he was really nervous about me finding it out, or someone telling me, but I think he did a great job, I always find a way to know everything that’s going on -.- lol.. I’m sure your proposal was good as well! Proposals are romantic either way 😀
      Oh trust me, I’m already afraid of the preparations.. ! Seems like my MIL has got it all planned already >.<

  3. Wow, what a well planned surprise! Congrats!

    My husband’s proposal came quite out of the blue when we were walking down a crowded street in Nanning, a city we had just arrived in on that day. The simple style of the proposal suited me well.

    1. It was really well planned! I was always thinking a simple style proposal would be what I wanted, but I think that no matter what kind of proposal it is, you will like it when it is happening ! Haha. Your husband proposed in the middle of the street? That’s sweeeeet ~

      1. He did. It was a good thing I wasn’t prepared for it at all, otherwise I would have been way too nervous. He later said he saw that some people propose in much more romantic ways, but I was glad it was a simple proposal. If it’s the right person, it doesn’t matter what kind of proposal you get, I guess.

  4. Omg that was awesome! I’m so jealous that u had such wonderful proposal haha
    But seriously ChenChen did a great job and I can only imagine how surprised you were 😉
    Congratulations and lots of love!!! :*

    1. Thank you sweetie 🙂
      To be honest, never in my wildest dreams did I think that ChenChen would be able to plan something like that! haha 😀 But he did, and it really surprised me, I don’t think there’s a word for how surprised I was! haha.

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