A year and a half later…

Where do I even begin? I guess it is fair to say that I have not even thought about my blog once during my very very long break, but I have also not had a proper VPN on my computer for a very long time. Long live free and unstable VPN’s!

Although I have not shared anything on my blog for a very long time it does not mean that nothing has happened. Let me give you a little update on our life in Beijing:

♥ We have moved apartments twice since last blog post.

♥ Our dog is now 15 kg, and not very tiny like he once was.

♥ We have our own car – no more taxi!

♥ We have crashed our car..

♥ Learnt that the key to driving in Beijing is patience.

♥ My parents and CC’s parents have met – not only one time, but two times!

♥ We’ve been to the great wall – not that it is very exciting but, it was CC’s first time..

♥ We have gone on the longest road trip I’ve ever been on – Beijing t0 Manzhouli and back.

♥ When I say the longest – I really mean it – 2009.5 km each way from our place in Beijing to his parents apartment there.

♥ Now you might wonder why we went on this road trip?

♥ Well, let me tell you!

♥ We are now married – I can finally call CC my husband! 

IMG_6327 s

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