Pre-Wedding Photo Shoot

Hi you all!

This is officially the beginning of a lot of wedding posts, and I will start the series by talking about the pre-wedding photos. 

As you all know, taking wedding photos before the actual wedding is a huge thing in Asia, and especially in China! And when I say taking photos before the wedding I don’t mean earlier in the morning before the ceremony or a day before, the photos are normally taken months before the actual wedding.

So you might wonder why? To be honest, I’m not sure either, but I could imagine there’s a couple of reasons why. One; because you literally do not have time to take pictures during the actual wedding day.The day of your wedding there’s a lot of things happening and the schedule is very tight, however, I will talk more about what goes on during the day of the actual wedding in another post. Another reason why taking your pre-wedding pictures is such a big deal in Asia, is to show your pictures during the day of the wedding. If you have ever attended a Chinese wedding you have probably notice there’s a huge screen in the background of the stage, showing the couple’s pre-wedding pictures. For our wedding, our photos were of course shown on a big screen, but also shown on small screens in the hotel – actually, we didn’t see that ourselves, but we were told they would be on the screens..

So, over to the whole process of taking the photos ~ We really didn’t have much time to take our photos, and suddenly it was already late April, and we had still not booked anyone to take our photos. Our plan was to take the photos in Beijing, as we would have more time and we would not have to travel far for it, but we were slow, and didn’t really realize how busy the photo agencies were during spring time.. Thankfully we found a weekend where we had time to go back to CC’s hometown to get our pictures taken. Why go all the way there, and not just to a neighbor city, or Sanya as we already decided to travel? My amazing sister-in-law runs her own photo studio, so we were super lucky and she had time that weekend to take our photos, and I could not have been happier with the results!

So this is what a day of taking pictures looks like: 

6:30 am – We went to the studio to pick out dresses that I could wear, and a suit for CC.

7:00 am – Makeup artist starts doing my makeup and my hair.

9:00 am – I’m done with my makeup and hair and its time for hubby to get a little bit of foundation on his face to cover his tanlines.

9:30 am – Let’s try to fit into the tiny Chinese sized wedding dresses.


10:00 am – We decided to just take pictures at random places we could find along the road, and no crowded places.

11:00 am – 6 pm – We are done with all the pictures that’s going to be taken outside – and yes, that includes me changing from one wedding dress to another dress in a car in middle of nowhere.


6:30 pm – Back at the studio, and time for me to change into another dress, and fix my hair and makeup.

7:30 pm – Let the photo shoot being – again..


9:30 pm – And we are done! Time to celebrate!!


To be honest, it was very exhausting taking the pictures, but I absolutely loved the final result and I could not be more happy with the pictures! So if you ever want to go to Inner Mongolia to get your pre wedding photos take, hit me up and I will introduce you to the best photographers in town 😀

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14 thoughts on “Pre-Wedding Photo Shoot

      1. We got it sponsored from my sister in law, and in return she can use some of our pics to advertise on wechat 😀 actually what my sister in law does is that they have one guy that takes the photos, one guy who film parts of the photo shoot ( I don’t know if they always do that actually, but they did it for us ), and then one makeup artist / stylist , these people come with us for the photo shoot and then one person in the office who does the editing of pictures that was taken the previous day 🙂

      2. Oh how nice that it was sponsored by her. I remember when we had the pictures we dealed with probably 12 people or so, from signing up, over choosing the clothes, make-up, camera dude, camera dude’s assistents and then one or two editing the whole thing 😮

  1. I’m amazed how people have the energy for one whole day, or sometimes even two.
    We decided against pre wedding photos because we wanted to have natural ones taken on our wedding day. We got an awesome photographer for two hours… and those were more than enough for me. Too exhausting!!
    I am looking forward to yours 😀

    1. It was tiring, but very fun at the same time. We also had a photographer for the whole wedding day, and someone filming the whole thing. I’m glad we did both – pre-photoshoot and on the wedding day 🙂

  2. Hi!

    I just read your blog entry on taking pre wedding photos in Inner Mongolia, aand would like to check with you who you hired for your hair and makeup. Ok to share the contacts? As we are currently planning to have our shoot there as well.

    Many thanks!

    1. Hi, sorry for such a late reply!! Actually my husband’s sister owns a photo studio, so everything was covered by her! The dresses, make-up / hair artist. Did you already take your wedding pictures? Where in Inner Mongolia are you planning on taking them?

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