The planning

The planning

Wedding planning in a foreign country.. where do I start? Ok, it was not as bad as I thought it would be, but it was definitely challenging, even for CC! But then again, I guess wedding planning is not supposed to be easy either.


We got married this summer, in August and we started the wedding planning in late December. The first thing we had to do was to decide on a date, or to be honest, we had to find a hotel that had any available dates in August, as that was the time my parents also had vacation and would be able to attend the wedding. So the wedding date was sort of set, based on the availability of the hotel we decided to hold our wedding at.


As the wedding was held in Manzhouli, CC’s hometown we did not meet with a wedding planner until we went back to his hometown for Chinese New Year, and that was the only time we had time to go there in person to actually sit down with the planner and talk to them. So you can imagine all the headaches CC and I had throughout the months leading up to our wedding.

We had a pretty clear idea of what sort of style we wanted to go for, and we knew what kind of colors that we wanted to use as the main theme of the wedding. We decided to go with the colors red and champagne, however, the champagne color was quickly replaced with gold. That was actually a small detail that was easier to work with as the wedding planner had a lot of golden props that could be used for the wedding, and to be honest, I’m so happy we agreed on changing the colors.


We had both agreed on a simple style wedding, we didn’t want all of those crazy light shows that you often see in Chinese weddings, so that was probably the first thing CC told the wedding planner. For the decoration, I had printed out a 5 pages booklet for the wedding planner with ideas and drawings, so that it would be easier for them to understand what we wanted and how we wanted it – everything from flowers, table decorations, wedding cake, decoration on the stage.

After many months of communication on Wechat with the wedding planner, we eventually managed to get it how we wanted and the decorations, lights, and music turned out exactly how we wanted it. Except from one little surprise – they had all of their staff walk up on the stage before the ceremony started to show everybody where the emergency exits were – AND WE HAD NO IDEA! We only found out after my mother told me, and of course since we didn’t know about this, the music was also chosen by them. But hey, what better way to start a wedding than with some heavy metal and headbanging by the bride, my dad, brother and sister, while preparing to enter the wedding hall.


Ever planned a wedding in China before? Or going to? Tell me all about it!

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