The four dresses

What is a wedding without a wedding dress? Or in China, I assume they would changed this question to “What is a wedding without wedding dresses? Yes, you read it correctly – dresses.
In China you do not only have one dress for your wedding, you often change your dress at least three times during the day of the wedding, and that not including the after party if you do have one.

For our wedding I actually had four dresses, but I only ended up wearing three of them, but I had one dress as a main dress, that I kept on the longest!
After the wedding date was decided on, I flew to Dubai where my parents live, and went looking for the perfect dress with my mother. The dress I bought there was the dress that I wore the most throughout the wedding day. CC had also not seen this dress before the day of the wedding – which made the dress even more special.


Other than than that wedding dress, I also got one more white dress made for when CC was picking me up from the hotel I was staying at – this is also a Chinese tradition that I will write more about in another post! That dress was only worn when he picked me up, when we arrived at Shangri-la where our wedding was held, I changed to my other dress.

“The pick-up dress”

As CC is Menggu Zu (Mongolian ethnic background), we also got tailor made traditional Mongolian costumes, that we changed to during the ceremony where our parents where on the stage with us. this dress was only worn for about 20 minutes, and then after that I changed back to my wedding dress again.

屏幕快照 2017-05-07 下午3.10.30
“Mongolian traditional costume”


I had also gotten a traditional red qipao made for the wedding, that I also was supposed to wear during the ceremony, but I preferred wearing the main wedding dress as much as I could. So instead of wearing my qipao on the day of the wedding, I wore it on the second day where we all went to Hulunbeier grasslands!

“Red qipao”

How many dressed did you have for your wedding?

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4 thoughts on “The four dresses

  1. When my husband asked me how many dresses I was going to wear, I was so confused. Luckily we got married in the States and I could do what I wanted, because I think picking out one took me a few months. You made lovely choices.

  2. Wow! I was bored/stressed enough looking for one dress, let alone 4 😁 I bought mine last weekend (will blog about it soon) and for the money it cost, I definitely wouldn’t want to wear anything else all day. The red dress you have is really nice but I can see why you wanted to wear your main dress for the majority of the day! 😊

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