It’s almost time

In 4 days I will be on my way to Edinburgh, with a one-way ticket. Finally I will see CC again, and his parents, who’s been in Edinburgh for almost a month, and I think CC is about to go crazy 😀 haha. This time will be different though, we are not staying in Edinburgh for long, actually I’m just there for one day before the journey to a new chapter in our lives starts.
The past months have been really busy, I applied for a visa to China which I got, but I also decided to post my resume on a website. Two days later I received an email, from a kindergarten in Beijing, they wanted to arrange a Skype interview with me. I have to be honest, I did not expect too much, but three days later I received an email, saying they were interested in hiring me and they send me the job offer the next day. Of course I was really happy, and I’m still really happy. But, in order to get a work visa in China (I don’t know if this is only for people working in kindergartens) I had to complete a TEFL course, which is a course that gives me a certificate that proves I’m allowed to teach English as a foreign language. So for the past 2 months, I’ve been working on that as well as I’ve been working everyday at my current kindergarten. So pretty much, everything is good to go, I just have to complete the course and CC and I have to find an apartment.

photo 1

I never thought it would be this stressful moving back to China, it’s not like I feel stressed in a way that’s annoying, I feel super happy but at the same time really stressed. And when I thought that everything was starting to calm down, I realized “I have to pack my stuff.” >.< I have no idea why I didn’t think of that or do that earlier, so pretty much all this Christmas I have been packing, organizing, looking through all my clothes, given lots of clothes to charity and thrown away some stuff. Unorganized? Maybe. I just finished packing up, and going through all my clothes today, when I realized, all my clothes are in my suitcases, “what will I be wearing the next few days?!” So once again I had to open up my suitcases and find some clothes that I can wear until I leave.

photo 4Started organizing.. or making it more messy maybe? >.< It’s what I called highway to craziness for a few days.. 

photo 2Somewhat organized .. 😀 

photo (2)Finally!!! 😀 

Once I’m on the plane, on my way to Edinburgh, I can finally relax a little. But we still have, lots of work to do, we have to find an apartment that’s located somewhere between where I will work and where CC will work. And for those of you who know, Beijing is not exactly a small city. CC will most likely be working around the Llama temple, while I will most likely be working at the kindergarten located close to the airport. The kindergarten got two kindergartens, one in Shunyi and one in Haidian, at first they wanted me to work in Haidian, but now after I told them I prefer the one in Shunyi, as my old High School is in that area and I know that area much better, it seems like I will be working there. It’s really exciting, and I can’t wait. But looking at apartments online is not exactly easy, maybe it’s even more difficult in China, as I know some agencies use fake pictures. And to make it even better, this is something I’m super duper overly extremely excited about – CC’s bestfriend’s dog had puppies a few weeks ago, and we are getting one of the puppies. I know it’s not the best timing, but CC and I have always talked about getting a dog. I’m already in love with our puppy, Bailey, and I can’t wait!!

photo 3Everybody say hello to Bailey 😀 

With just 4 days left in Norway, I’m finally starting to relax, and I can finally enjoy the last few days with my family and friends, before CC and I fly to Beijing. As we only decided on going to Beijing in mid-November we didn’t have as much time to prepare and plan as we’d hoped for, but once we have found an apartment, and settled down, I will share lots of stories with all of you guys from our new life in Beijing! I can’t wait 😀

Anyone else who also feel super stressed before moving? Please share your experience on moving to a new town or country ~

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30 day blog challenge ~ Day 5

Happy saturday you guys! How’s your weekend going?
Time to answer another questions ~ Here we go, day 5!

♥  5. Favorite movies you never get sick of watching

1. Love Actually – This is the best movie ever made, I have watched it so many times that I know the whole movie by heart. In my opinion it is the sweetest and most romantic movie ever made, even ChenChen like this movie! And trust me, the fact that he even watched the movie is amazing, he never want to watch romantic movies with me.. haha


2. Night at the museum 1&2 – I don’t really like these kind of movies, but these two movies are the first movies that ChenChen and I watched together, and ever since that we have watched it many many times.


3. Cold war / 寒戰 – One of the best Chinese movies ever made, I love action movies like that, and the fact that it is made in Hong Kong makes it way better! And 郭富城 / Aaron Kwok makes the movie a lot better! Eye candy! haha.


4. 中国合伙人 – If you can understand quite a bit of Chinese then you definitely got to watch this movie and if not watch the movie with english subtitles! It is absolutely hilarious and cute. I watched it with my Chinese class once it was released, and the same day I made ChenChen download it and watch it with me again! I love it.


What’s your favorite movie? 😀


30 day blog challenge ~ Day 4

Happy Valentines everyone! hope you guys have had a great day with or without someone special!
ChenChen and I have had a “Skype Date” we ate dinner at the same time, watched a movie together – We played it at the same time.. It could not have been more perfect 🙂 And I opened the gift that he gave me last time I was in Glasgow  🙂

Screen shot 2014-02-15 at 12.34.12 AM

I did not forget about the Blog Challenge, it will just be a late answer, as it is already February 15th in Norway.

♥  4. What do you wear to bed?

Ok, this question is a little strange, but I guess I will just give you guys a boring answer as I only wear ChenChen’s t-shirt and sweat pants 😛 Most comfortable thing to wear when I sleep!

Over to something completely different ~
I’ve been given a Versatile Blog Award, which is pretty much an award one blogger to another, to show that they love reading what they write about 🙂

Below are the rules of the award :

  1. Display the logo in a post


♥  2. Link to the person who nominated you

I was given this award by the girl behind the blog “AMWF couple”. She is a British girl dating a Guy from Hong Kong and she writes amazing posts about topics such as How she met her boyfriend, and about her Trip to Hong Kong, which really makes me miss Asia 😦

♥  3. Write seven (7) things about yourself

  • I’m from Norway.
  • I moved to Beijing, China as a teenager.
  • I studied Chinese for 1 year.
  • I am working in a kindergarten.
  • I’m in the movie Karate Kid as a “blonde girl in the background.”
  • I miss China.
  • I’ve been told that I look; American, French, German, Dutch, Swedish – But no one guess that I’m Norwegian.

4. Nominate 15 other bloggers and inform them of their nomination: 10 for now, I will add 5 more tomorrow >.<

Where to go? What to do?

Before you even start reading this, let me tell you guys – This is a messy blog post, it’s just as messy as my mind is these days!

What to do?! Where will you work? Where should I study?! Where will we live? I don’t want to have another year of LDR – These are all questions and thoughts going through my mind, and if you don’t understand what I mean by that, then let me explain. Chenchen and I have now been in a LDR for a year, he is finishing he’s master degree, and I’m working in Norway. He wants to find a job after he graduate, but the thing is that I haven’t even started University. I did one year of studying Chinese, and that’s it. Both of us want to live together next year, but WHERE?! This is the only thing that I can think of these days, and I know that there are quite a few of you guys who have been in the same situation. I have gotten some advice from Lina, which was really helpful – Thank you~~ For me it’s easy to move to another country within Europe, but then what do I do about studying?


Of course we can survive a LDR, but we don’t want a LDR, we want to be together, and I know that some people think that it is a bad idea if I don’t start university next year, and I agree, but to me, what’s important is to stay with Chenchen, and I know for a fact that is what’s best for me. And I’m not only doing it for him, but I’m doing it for me and us. So one thing that is for sure is that, Chenchen and I will be together next year!


So the next few days, I won’t be posting really long blog posts, but I will do a 30 day challenge thing, I guess that can be interesting and a good way for you guys to get to know me better 🙂

What is your opinion about all these thoughts? Anyone else been in this situation?


后海 – HouHai

It’s been a while since last time I wrote something here, and I thought that I would write about something else and not just about Christmas, New Year and Chinese New Year.

The other day I was talking to my best friend, and we were talking about places in Beijing, and of course we ended up talking about 后海 (HouHai). HouoHai is in my opinion the most beautiful place in Beijing. It’s a lake in the center Beijing, surrounding the lake there are Hutong’s all around. Many of the Hutong’s have been made into bars and restaurants, but there are still people living around there. To me, what makes HouHai so special is not the bars, or all the restaurants but it’s the lake itself. It is just so nice, walking around the lake in the summer is very beautiful and so peaceful. In the summer you can even rent a boat and go on the lake, or as some people do – go swimming. During the winter you can go ice skating on the lake, but there is always this one man who goes swimming there during the winter.. This man is awesome! Ever since the first time I went to HouHai (2008) I have seen this man, let’s hope he is still there next time I go to Beijing..




HouHai has a lot to offer – bars, restaurants, cafes, souvenir shops, local Beijing snack shops and the Boat / Ice skating rental. It’s got something for everyone. When I would go there with my friends we would go there after lunch and just walk around, sit down for a cup of tea (I don’t drink coffee >.<) and talk, while we wait for the sun to go down.. That’s when we would find a small restaurant order some chuar and enjoy it before we would try to find a bar where there were at least 10 people in. It’s funny, there are so many bars in HouHai, and some bigger than the others, and to my friends and I they all seemed empty, although HouHai itself was crowded..


There is one time I especially remember.. It’s a bit of a weird story, it makes me laugh every time I think about it. My friend and I went to HouHai after dinner one time, during the summer. And during the summer there are always many people there, and I always feel quite worried about my bag and I always make sure no one walk to close to me.. Also I think I paid too much attention to my friend’s bag also, at least that time.. And my friend and I were just walking towards a bar where we were going to meet some friends and then suddenly we saw all these people standing still, watching something. Of course, curious me had to go there to see what was going on. As we got there we saw a man punch a women and then take her bag and ran away.. I was absolutely terrified and I made sure my bag was still there.. My friend and I looked at each other and said “We have to help this women” my friend is a Chinese girl so she had no problem communicating, as we walked up to the women some man came running up to us and said
” 停,停,停! 我们拍电影呢! ” (“Tíng, tíng, tíng! Wǒmen pāi diànyǐng ne!”) which means “stop, stop, stop we are shooting a movie” >.< ALL the people who were there heard that man, and they all knew that there were shooting a movie.. awkward moment? YES.. >.< At least I learned a new sentence in Chinese 😀

Have you ever been to 后海 ?



Happy New Year!
To me 2013 was amazing, but I’m sure 2014 is going to be even better!
It’s a new year, another 365 days  to fill with joy and laughter, and I wish you guys all the best in 2014 🙂
I will have to make a lot of decisions, about what I want to do, study or continue working where I work now? decisions, decisions.. Even with the decisions I know it will be great.. My 老公 and I already have quite a few plans for this year, and all I can say is.. “I can’t wait” 😀

All Christmas I have not published any blog posts, mainly because I’ve been too busy.. busy during Christmas?! How? .. Lucky me had to work…. well only 2 days.. Also my family is back in Norway, and my 老公 is here 😀  It was really nice celebrating in Norway this year, and especially celebrating New Years eve, I have to say that I don’t miss celebrating New Years in Beijing, those crowded clubs, drunk people, and the dangerous fireworks.. It was fun while I was there, but I did not miss it 😛

I will write a longer post later, but for now, here are some photos ~


Super serious faces… >.<



My 爸爸 & 老公 going Chinese..