It’s almost time

In 4 days I will be on my way to Edinburgh, with a one-way ticket. Finally I will see CC again, and his parents, who’s been in Edinburgh for almost a month, and I think CC is about to go crazy 😀 haha. This time will be different though, we are not staying in Edinburgh for long, actually I’m just there for one day before the journey to a new chapter in our lives starts.
The past months have been really busy, I applied for a visa to China which I got, but I also decided to post my resume on a website. Two days later I received an email, from a kindergarten in Beijing, they wanted to arrange a Skype interview with me. I have to be honest, I did not expect too much, but three days later I received an email, saying they were interested in hiring me and they send me the job offer the next day. Of course I was really happy, and I’m still really happy. But, in order to get a work visa in China (I don’t know if this is only for people working in kindergartens) I had to complete a TEFL course, which is a course that gives me a certificate that proves I’m allowed to teach English as a foreign language. So for the past 2 months, I’ve been working on that as well as I’ve been working everyday at my current kindergarten. So pretty much, everything is good to go, I just have to complete the course and CC and I have to find an apartment.

photo 1

I never thought it would be this stressful moving back to China, it’s not like I feel stressed in a way that’s annoying, I feel super happy but at the same time really stressed. And when I thought that everything was starting to calm down, I realized “I have to pack my stuff.” >.< I have no idea why I didn’t think of that or do that earlier, so pretty much all this Christmas I have been packing, organizing, looking through all my clothes, given lots of clothes to charity and thrown away some stuff. Unorganized? Maybe. I just finished packing up, and going through all my clothes today, when I realized, all my clothes are in my suitcases, “what will I be wearing the next few days?!” So once again I had to open up my suitcases and find some clothes that I can wear until I leave.

photo 4Started organizing.. or making it more messy maybe? >.< It’s what I called highway to craziness for a few days.. 

photo 2Somewhat organized .. 😀 

photo (2)Finally!!! 😀 

Once I’m on the plane, on my way to Edinburgh, I can finally relax a little. But we still have, lots of work to do, we have to find an apartment that’s located somewhere between where I will work and where CC will work. And for those of you who know, Beijing is not exactly a small city. CC will most likely be working around the Llama temple, while I will most likely be working at the kindergarten located close to the airport. The kindergarten got two kindergartens, one in Shunyi and one in Haidian, at first they wanted me to work in Haidian, but now after I told them I prefer the one in Shunyi, as my old High School is in that area and I know that area much better, it seems like I will be working there. It’s really exciting, and I can’t wait. But looking at apartments online is not exactly easy, maybe it’s even more difficult in China, as I know some agencies use fake pictures. And to make it even better, this is something I’m super duper overly extremely excited about – CC’s bestfriend’s dog had puppies a few weeks ago, and we are getting one of the puppies. I know it’s not the best timing, but CC and I have always talked about getting a dog. I’m already in love with our puppy, Bailey, and I can’t wait!!

photo 3Everybody say hello to Bailey 😀 

With just 4 days left in Norway, I’m finally starting to relax, and I can finally enjoy the last few days with my family and friends, before CC and I fly to Beijing. As we only decided on going to Beijing in mid-November we didn’t have as much time to prepare and plan as we’d hoped for, but once we have found an apartment, and settled down, I will share lots of stories with all of you guys from our new life in Beijing! I can’t wait 😀

Anyone else who also feel super stressed before moving? Please share your experience on moving to a new town or country ~

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好久不见 – Long time no see..

I’m so sorry.. I have to admit I have sort of forgotten about the blog because I’ve been focused on other things – But now I’m back, and I already got another blog post ready 🙂
Anyways, just to update you guys a little bit on my life – I am currently in Scotland visiting ChenChen, I’ve been here since July 4th, and I will stay until July 25th. We haven’t really planned anything while I’m here, we will go to London for a weekend and that’s about it. ChenChen will also be moving into a new apartment in Scotland, and oh my.. There is a lot of paperwork that needs to be done in this country!!


On wednesday we decided that we wanted to get away from the city for a while, so we booked train tickets to a small town called Oban, it’s a very small place, actually it’s just a bay area, but it was really to stay there for 2 days. We stayed at a Bed & Breakfast which was really nice and really British! (you can imagine the curtains and the decorations in the room).. But aside from that, we had a great time.. My biggest problem, which is a little bit awkwardI don’t really like seafood.. I mean I can eat salmon, but that’s about it, so that was a bit tricky since we went to a town that is well known for all it’s seafood restaurants, but ChenChen – he was in heaven! haha. Somehow I managed to find something to eat the 2 days we were there though, and I even tasted all of the seafood that ChenChen ordered (Prooooud of myself.. hihi) 

_DSC0141 _DSC0119

Aside from eating seafood, there were many other things to do in Oban, but as the weather was not too nice the first day we ended up just walking around in the town, taking some pictures and just enjoying the silence and fresh air.. The second day we went on a small boat trip, just to see the area around Oban, and all the small islands. The most exciting part of the boat trip was when we came to a place where there were lots of seals swimming around in the sea, and just relaxing on rocks!
Also we went up to a monument called Mc Caig’s Tower – as it is a small town it was not far to walk, but can you imagine steep uphill for about 20 minutes and wearing waaaay too much clothes because it was cold in the morning?! I felt so sweaty and nasty after finally arriving at the top. It was worth it though! I can describe the view in one word – Stunning!

屏幕快照 2014-07-14 下午8.01.35 屏幕快照 2014-07-14 下午8.01.49

Here are some more photos from out trip 🙂


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2014年5月30日 ~ The Proposal ~ 求婚

The last post showed you guys what I’ve been up to lately 😛 Well, the most exciting thing thats happened for the past months at least, and I promised to write more about it when I came back from Scotland, and I promised Lina to write it today – So here you go! haha.
I’m going to make it short, but it is actually a funny story, so I’ll make sure to write about it all. As all of you know, I’m in a LDR, ChenChen is living in Scotland and I’m living in Norway. And I was reallllly excited because I was going to visit him for 5 days. And I just have to say, that I am normally the kind of person who wants to know whats going on, and I always plan things to be sure that I know when, and where I will go out.. as you can tell – I’m a control freak! 😛
Anyways, so it all started Wednesday evening as I was about to board my plane to Edinburgh, I got a text from ChenChen saying “Btw, we are going to my friend’s birthday party, so tomorrow we have to go shopping to buy you some nice clothes, and I need to buy a suit” of course I just answered “Okay, sure.. But I don’t wanna drink any alcohol” haha. Well, on the Thursday we spent the whole day shopping, with no success, I was just in suuuuch a bad mood, and I was really not excited about going to a birthday party. Thankfully I found something that looked OK, but he could not find a suit that he liked. To be honest, I didn’t even understand why on earth he needed to wear a suit?! And I was telling him “you know, it’s only going to be Chinese people there, non of them are going to be wearing suits! You know that, they wear jeans even to weddings..! Let’s not be overdressed!” And he was just saying that the party would be in a private KTV room at a Casino, so we had to wear nice clothes.. At 5 pm on Friday, he finally found something to wear, 2 hours before we were supposed to be there.

You guys can imagine me being all frustrated, pissed off and stressed, so I quickly put on some nailpolish, tried to do my makeup and straighten my hair, but I was still a little frustrated because I was not excited about going to the party as I wanted to spend quality time with ChenChen, and not waste a day being hungover! haha.. Anyhow, we got all dolled up and ready to go, but then I was like – “but first let me take a selfie..” Obviously ChenChen was all excited about that and here’s the result..

Anyways, we arrived at the Casino and as I didn’t know many of them, I had to be all nice and sweet to them, the only person I knew was the birthday boy so I walked up to him and said “生日快乐” (Happy birthday) and they were all like “woaaaa, 你说中文!” (You speak Chinese) haha >.< Anyways, so as we were in a private room, we could sing as many weird songs as we wanted to, and all of a sudden I said “Let’s sing the birthday song for Leo (birthday boy)” and so we did, after the song finished Leo disappeared and I was told he was going to pick up some people outside the casino, so we just continued the birthday party, having fun playing games, drinking and singing. I quickly made friends with the girls that were there and we were singing songs together, and for the people who’s not been to KTV’s before and doesn’t know what its like; you pretty much pick many songs, and they get added to a playlist, and then you just pass the microphone to the person who picked the song that’s next on the list. While I was singing a Lady GaGa song with one of the girls, I noticed that the next song was “Forever Love” by 王力宏,and I got all excited because I love that song, and it turned out that it was ChenChen who had picked that song and he asked if I wanted to sing it with him, because he knows that I like that song, so eventually I said yes, but I have to say, I didn’t sing much.. I all of sudden got really shy, and felt that my Chinese skills were all gone.. So I was just standing there, enjoying the song, and suddenly the birthday boy walked in with flowers and gave them to ChenChen, and I was thinking to myself “ooookay? he must be really thankful because ChenChen helped him organize the party.” My man continued singing, and suddenly he went down on one knee and I’m pretty sure you guys know the words that came out of his mouth; “Oda will you marry me?” You guys can imagine my reaction, I was speechless, and just burst out in tears, I couldn’t stop crying, finally I managed to say something that was a mix of “yes, omg, yeah” Haha..  After a while of crying ChenChen told me that there was no birthday party, this was all for me, and they had been planning this since the day I booked the tickets to go Scotland. And of course, I started crying again, I really had no idea that it was not a birthday party, I was overwhelmed, surprised, and super happy.


Btw, I was wearing really high heels, so I was waaaay taller than ChenChen..

After the proposal I could tell that ChenChen was way more relaxed and really happy, it was a really good atmosphere in the room, and we were all singing songs, dancing, taking photos and drinking. Then one of the people working at the casino came with a cake, and 2 cocktails, one for me and one for ChenChen, the cocktails was made especially for us as we had gotten engaged, and the cake was from ChenChen’s friends. It was really sweet. I’m normally not the kind of person who enjoy a lot of attention, but for once I loved it. The rest of the night is just history.. we continued singing and drinking until the morning, and the next day I woke up with a mix of pure happiness and a real bad hangover. It was definitely a night I will never forget.


This was a really.. cheesy blog post, but that’s how the proposal happened! haha. 
Anyone else who’s been proposed to? Or have been on / planned a surprise party for someone?

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Fun Facts – China

The first vending machine to sell live crabs debuted in 2010 in a subway station near Nanjing. The machine sells an average of 200 live crabs a day—with prices ranging from 15 to 50 yuan (about $2-7 depending on size). A sign next to the machine guarantees each crab will come out alive, offering compensation of three live crabs for every dead one that pops out.

Screen shot 2014-05-18 at 4.17.46 PM

The ultimate in diva dogs, a miniature pinscher named Lu Lu prefers to walk upright on her back legs while carrying a teddy bear-shaped purse that holds her own waste bags wherever she goes. Her owner taught her to walk upright when she was just four months old. Lu Lu attracts local fans during her daily walks with her owner every morning.


China has a Dwarf Theme Park called “Kingdom of the Little People” that employs over 100 Chinese dwarves to sing and dance (including breakdancing and Swan Lake). The 13,000-acre and US$115 million park also features tiny dogs and tiny fruit trees.

China has the world’s biggest mall, … but it’s been 99% vacant since opening in 2005. The New South China Mall in Dongguan (Guangdong province) –spearheaed by an instant noodle billionaire– has seven zones modeled on international regions (Paris, Rome, Amsterdam, Venice, California, Egypt, and the Caribbean). It includes a 25m replica of the Arc de Triomphe, a 2.1km canal with gondolas, and an indoor-outdoor roller coaster. – There are many shopping malls like this in China, but the funny thing is that sometimes there might just be 2 or 3 shops in a shopping mall, but then you end up finding something awesome in one of those shops 😀 haha 


With almost half a billion pigs, China is the world’s largest pork consumer and producer. China has more pigs than the next 43 largest pork producing countries combined (U.S. is #2 with 65.9 million pigs).

An anonymous Chinese phone bidder paid US$232,000 each for three bottles of 1869 Château Lafite Rothschild at a Sotheby’s auction in Hong Kong —smashing the record of $156,450 paid in 1985. – That person must really love wine 😛 

All pandas in the world are on loan from China, and when a baby Panda is born, by agreement, it is sent back to China to help expand the gene pool. The baby pandas are shipped back by FedEx.

Chinese researchers wear panda suits to fool cubs. Workers at the Hetaoping Research and Conservation Center for the Giant Panda dressed up to minimize contact with humans and prepare captive-born cubs to live in the wild.


When McDonald’s first introduced drive-throughs to China, the concept was so foreign that many people would pick up their food through the drive-thru, park their cars, and bring the food inside the restaurant to eat it. – That’s kinda cute in a weird way.. haha. I remember one time going back home from a club with my friend we got the driver to stop by at McDonald’s and we were waiting in line for the drive-thru, when the driver of the car in front of use decided to get out of the car and use the bathroom while he was waiting for he’s food, well the food was there within 1 minute, but he was gone for 5 minutes -.-

Rich people in China hire body doubles to serve their prison sentence. – I don’t know if this is a common thing (I doubt it), but I remember that there was a big thing about that on the news in China a few years ago, a rich Chinese women hired someone that looked like her to serve her prison sentence.. 

China has planted the biggest artificial forest in the world to stop the spread of the Gobi desert, and plans to expand it to 2,800 miles by 2074


China set up state-sanctioned protest zones for the 2008 Olympics and then arrested people who applied to use them.

During the 2008 Olympics, China employed 30 airplanes, 4,000 rocket launchers, and 7,000 anti-aircraft guns to stop rain by shooting various chemicals into any threatening clouds to shrink rain drops before they reached the stadium. – I remember being so surprised about the blue skies when I moved to Beijing, which was 2 weeks before the olympics, I later found out why it was such nice weather ~ the famous rockets thingys they use to get nice weather. They use it when they need it to rain also! haha. I remember one time during the winter, Beijing really needed some rain, so they used the rockets to make it rain, the only problem was that it was so cold that it turned into snow, so it ended up being a snow day at school, because it was “too dangerous to drive” so no school buses were allowed to drive either 😀 haha 

There used to be fake Apple stores in China. Even the staff were convinced that they were working for Apple. – My friend told me she had bought “iPhone 6” at apple store, when the real “Apple” had just realized iPhone 4… haha 


In 2010, China had a traffic jam that lasted 12 days and spanned 62 miles – Love love love hate love the traffic jams in China.. 

1 in every 3 socks you have were made in the district of Datang in Zhuji, China, now known as “Sock City”

Fortune cookies are not a traditional Chinese custom, they were invented in early 1900 in San Francisco

Screen shot 2014-05-18 at 4.09.31 PM

China uses about 45 billion chopsticks every year.

The sunrise in parts of China can be as late as 10 am, because the country joined it’s 5 time zones into a single one.

I guess most of this is things that people know already, but was there something that you didn’t know already? 😛
The only thing that surprised me was the “With almost half a billion pigs, China is the world’s largest pork consumer and producer” haha.


Going crazy

Hi you all ~ can you believe it’s already May?! Gosh, time flies! I just want to apologize for not writing anything here lately.. I was going to write a post about my trip to Dubai, but of course I had to forget my computer charger in Dubai. And I just haven’t had time to buy a new one yet, hopefully I can buy one tomorrow! 😀 Although it’s been kinda nice not just looking at a computer screen all day, I have to admit I miss reading other blogs and writing on my own blog, so I’ve got one mission tomorrow – buy a new charger! Haha. I know I could’ve used my iPad or iPhone to write a new blog post, but I don’t have any photos from the trip on my phone. So if you want to see some of my photos from my trip to Dubai you can check out my Instagram: odatobiassen 🙂